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Easter Sunday's Story

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Easter’s Story

Easter Sunday; Quarter Horse Cremello mare with beautiful baby blue eyes, 3 years old, foaled March 23rd, 2008 (Easter Sunday) hence her name!  She is a beautiful little girl, her owner was told to put her down; because she was born with a cleft palate there is a very real chance of pneumonia & malnourishment etc…setting in.  Sherry her owner (human mama) decided that wouldn't be the case with Easter, she learned everything she could about how to help Easter survive. Ways to feed her, listening to her lungs for any signs of pneumonia, wiping little Easter's nose and in turn sweet little Easter learned to wipe her own nose on Sherry!  Easter & Sherry are true fighters.

Sherry having health problems of her own got worried about not only herself and finances but also Easter because she was starting to lose weight and becoming a bit more unmanageable by starting to kick and even bite a time or two so she brought Easter to us hoping we could help.

I spoke to the surgeon a Dr Peter Rakestraw at Texas A&M College Large Animal Hospital  in College Station, TX  and Easter has an appointment on February 18th!  My friend Karen Bander of TaPs – in Rockwall, TX. has generously offered to drive us down there. 

There is a corrective surgery for cleft palates, which is much easier in foals that are nursing to fix but it can be done and Dr Rakestraw has performed several successful surgeries of this type.
Easter will have to be scoped and lungs checked for pneumonia – horses with a cleft palate oftentimes get pneumonia due to food getting into their lungs.  IF very little signs of pneumonia are present and he deems her healthy enough and a candidate for this surgery; we will leave Easter in their capable hands; they will clear up her lungs, we will need at least $2500.00 to $3000.00 for surgery, with the normal complications (and there are many) and that is only IF no major complications occur. 

Can you help us help her; PLEASE?

DONATIONS can be mailed to or dropped off at LUCKY DUCK Rescue or online via PayPal to our email address.  Both our physical address and e-mail address are noted at the top of this letter.


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