Saturday, March 5, 2011

A day in my life at the Rescue!

A day in my life at the rescue!

Hope all is going great with everyone of you and your families.   Today it's cold, windy and damp (surprisingly enough we didn't get rain last night)!   

I have the Greenville Girl Scout Troop coming out today to meet Easter Sunday and the other animals at 1pm; so I thought I'd send you a quick note.   

Easter is doing good, she had lost a tiny bit of weight after our trip down to TX A&M in College Station but she appears to be picking up those few pounds nicely.  She is still eating very well which is a huge plus with her.  

Last week my pot belly pigs kept getting out (escape artists) but then what pig in her right mind would want to stay cooped up in a pig pen???    Needless to say we had several escapades with them especially when Annie (Red Bone Coon Hound - 9 years old and with arthritis to boot) discovered she could howl like a coon dog does!    She saw the pigs and the fun was on, while Annie was chasing them around, Zeke the blue heeler and Rocky the Aussie/Great Pyre mix was nipping at them chasing them this way and that; Brutus the English Mastiff and Jack the Beagle/Dachsund mix were barking and howling from the deck, the guineas were letting me know what was going on and I was bringing up the rear chasing the dogs that were chasing my pigs.. in amongst all the chaos of the day you could hear snort, squeel, oinks and me yelling "ANNIE NO, ZEKE STOP, ROCKY QUIT.. LILY, COME HERE LILY (sweetly) BRUTUS, JACK HUSH, DAMN IT JACK SHUT UP, ZEKE NO, ANNIE COME HERE etc... "
This went on for most of a couple of hours ( I might be stretching it a bit but I think you get the picture ) as soon as I got the pigs in, Lily would let them all out again.  Talk about a LOUD LOUD place with every farm animal sound known to man. (neighbor has cows)
I texted my husband to come home, I was TIRED. I had suggested that he and his son go fishing for a few hours, so they did.. but by this time I was pretty crabby.. he said "soon" I said "NOW please" so when he came home it was dark, I was out trying to rig up the gate on the pigs, I forgot what he said to me but I came back and snapped at him (this was all his fault afterall)!
So I marched right past him and promptly stepped in a big mud hole in my crocs, my white socks were ruined.. talk about indignant..   "

So that is what i have been up too, how about you?   

We have plenty of animals that need help, every penny is needed to buy food and hay.  Can you please donate $1.00 to help us out with them?

Thank you

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