Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness at Lucky Duck

Hello to all our wonderful friends; here's hoping your days have been nice & uneventful.

Life at the LUCKY DUCK has been hectic as usual but still getting things done around here.  We've had the great fortune of getting produce from our friends at Day Break Fruit & Vegetable to feed our animals, they've been totally awesome in bringing it out to us.

'Peach' a 20 year old PMU mare was brought up here from Dayton, TX last the Friday before last, she has issues with trust of humans around her back end, she has dred locks too!  (yuck) but we are giving her time to settle in before trying to groom her.

Thursday morning saw 2 new TB mares brought here, both ex-race horses 'Salty Dog Sis or Sissy' 22 years old and 'Misty Smile or Smiley'  15 years old.  Sissy has a bleeding problem when she is in season and our vet Dr John Allen came out to castrate Spotty (donkey whom is doing very well) collect coggins on the 2  TB mares as well as Spotty and give his tetanus.  He did an exam on Sissy to fine the cause of the bleeding, it is coming from her uterus and he felt no abnormalities so he recommends we love her but no further action at this time.  

'Lucy' a small terrier mix (heinz 57) came to live here, we had been trying to find her a home out in Mansfield TX where she was living as a stray but it wasn't happening, so now we are offering her up for adoption while still trying to find her real home.  Someone took the time to get her spayed, she has a rabies tag but the info is sketchy, a small bronze colored tag oval in shape saying Vaccinated Rabies 2010 and tag ID 676765.  Most vets that I know of use their name and number to put on tags, anyone know where this tag might have originated?

This past weekend we had a volunteer day, our guys along with volunteer Matt got a lot done by cleaning up part of our barnyard and getting ready to fence in a big horse pen up front.   We had Jo & Jessica along with their children out and they cleaned up one of our chicken coups, collected fresh eggs, fed pigs and helped cook lunch for everyone.   The kids raked part of the yard to help clean up the dog doo.  

Elyssa was her great self as usual, she groomed Gracie (our pregnant mare), walked dogs, worked with Miss Easter Sunday a bit too. Sherrii or Silly Sherrii as I like to call her came out and together we decorated Easter up in her Easter decor, Easter of course was great though it all but got pretty cranky towards the end when I wanted to get her pictures taken.  Decided to get pushy and then of course I tripped over my own 2 feet.  NOT a good thing but I'm fine and Miss Easter is perfectly fine, just needs some discipline.
Laura came with her husband Matt to help us too, they brought all the dogs treats, food and apples for the horses and donkey's YUM! Laura helped us work with Easter and was helping us gets pictures when Easter decided she had enough.

Today Gail Gregg Horse Balancer is coming out to look at Midnight, hoping she can fix what ever is causing her lameness and some pain, she was rolled & kicked over a fence by a big gelding months ago and has improved dramatically but not enough.

We are getting a new pig this week, she is up in Collin County animal shelter, she is very loving and petable.  We have yet to get our new pig pen built but it is in the works.  Right now our pigs have plenty of mud and yuck to play in and relax.  They look great, both Lily & Chomps have each put on about 50 - 75# of weight.  

Our hay supply is way down, our pasture is only starting to grow, we have closed off a couple of sections to the horses so that it might grow a bit, we have to get the back pasture brush hogged down and a couple more sections fenced off yet.  If you know someone that has good horse hay at a decent price please contact us with price at this email or 903-413-3253.

We are going to have more volunteer days, hoping for once a month.  I'm going to start writing down things that need done around the place ie: dumping out water troughs, cleaning then refilling them, chicken waterers, walking dogs, bathing etc..   will make it easier on everyone if I do that rather than wait for me to designate.

Have a super week and as always donations of all kinds are greatly appreciated.


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