Saturday, November 27, 2010

Big John Belgian Draft Horse gelding needs our help.

  Big John's life before meeting his new owners, Gary and Linda, was sad at best. He spent his life tied up in a stall or constantly attached to a carriage. Eleven years ago Gary and Linda adopted Big John to make his life much happier. In his new home he can roam freely on the acres of green grass pasture with the other horses. Big John is one of the sweetest horses anyone could ever meet; always accepting an ear scratch or a yummy carrot. Sadly, Big John got very sick several months ago.
            The diagnosis from the vet is bladder stones; an illness very similar to that of gallstones or kidney stones in humans. What this means for poor Big John is that his urinary tract is blocked which only allows for dribbling when he urinates and there is also a great amount of puss built up in this area as well which direly needs to be drained. Since Big John fell ill, he has lost a great deal of weight and his ribs are now showing prominently. Though Big John eats and drinks well, this weight-loss continues for him. A vet visited Big John a month ago and removed much puss from his urinary tract and felt a stone in his bladder the size of the vet's fist—a stone that would eventually kill Big John if it ever came back.
            We need YOUR HELP to save Big John. By eventually bringing him to a vet we can determine the best route for Big John: whether it is the removal of the bladder stone or if there is a medication he can take to eventually rid himself of the stone. With simply $1.00 you can help save this poor horse. Please send any donations via US Postal Service to the address listed below with “For Big John” in the note, or through to either e-mail address: or - please choose 'gift' so no fees will be taken out.

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