Saturday, November 20, 2010

LUCKY DUCK Horse & Farm Animal Rescue

Hello, we wanted to update you on our rescue status, because everyone of you have in some way helped us, support, sharing our site, word of mouth, monetarily etc...
We are currently working to bring in a Belgian Gelding 18 years old named Big John, he is having some medical issues and we will be seeing about them BUT we need your help to make sure he can get the care he needs.  Should he need some serious vet care we will try to help him get to a place more adept at giving him this care.
We just brought in last a little over a week ago a 11 year old mare named Taffy, she is part of our place here and is going no where so that her former owner can visit her anytime he wants.  She was NOT rescued but rehomed here.  A beautiful strawberry roan QH, a been there done that horse (barrel racer/ parades).
Our donkey the sheriff department gave to us "Jack Daniel" is still here and awaiting castration, which should be sometime this month.
We have several other rescues here and I will work on getting them all listed. We have several rehomed critters too. We also have our own animals we care for, some we bought, some were born here.
Due to start up costs and constant need of feed and hay; we are asking each and everyone of you to help share our needs to friends and family and we appreciate this more than you can imagine.
State of Texas non-profit forms are being completed and should be going in the week after Thanksgiving.
Our name "LUCKY DUCK Horse & all Animal Rescue is set in stone now, thanks to my WONDERFUL SISTER for taking time away from her busy schedule to get this up and running.  She is currently working on our Facebook page and rescue web-site.
A tad bit of history here LUCKY Duck is named after a very special duck named Skipper (4 years old) whom has a neurological problem since hatching and can't walk or swim upright, her human mama Tiffany has her on a pulley system so she can move into her bath, dry part of her cage and eat and drink when needed, each night Tiffany lovingly takes her into the trailer and puts her in her bucket full of hay so she can sleep.  Skipper is our mascot now and will always be, she is very chatty, loves to quack at you if you pay attention to her, she loves to be taken for walks via leash and harness. Tiffany is an exceptional person whom has a passion for her animals/birds with super organization skills when it comes to the critters.  She can't sleep unless every last one of them is safe and warm at night.  Tiffany is new to our area in Greenville, with over 20 years of dog/cat and livestock grooming, she is an added asset to our organization.  Should you need your critter groomed please contact her at 817-360-0228 (text or call) 'llama's, goats, sheep grooming as well aas dog and cats.
Our petting zoo is up and running on occassion, we have several critters that are part of it, it is called "Tiffany's Critter Corral" - once we have all fencing work done and get our shelters ready, we will then focus on giving all occassion parties (ie: birthday) when asked at our place or yours. We will be discussing prices for that, if interested please contact Tiffany at the above phone number to see what she can work out.
I would like to THANK also Chelsea whom is helping us get our exempt tax status and promoting us by making business cards, flyers and TRYING to set out donation jars at various places.
All donations can be given a receipt to write off on your taxes as you can do this 24 months prior to getting your non-profit status.
Last week our yard sale and petting zoo to promote our rescue as well as help us get some much needed funding went well considering the weather.  We brought in $211.09 .  We wanted to THANK all of you that came out, we got a few cute pictures of the kiddies with the petting zoo and hope to be able to use them in our rescue site.
We have gotten a few people whom want to volunteer to help us take care of the critters and we dearly appreciate the help.
With winter fast approaching we are in desperate need of funds to get shelters built and fencing up. If you can come donate supplies that would be wonderful, so many things we need to do yet.  We are definitely a work in progress!
I will be working on a list of items we need or help to get out to you, if you want to be removed from our newsletters via e-mail please reply to me at this address and I will do so. Otherwise THANK YOU again for taking the time to read this and if you can give to help us more THANK YOU!!!!!

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