Friday, November 26, 2010

Rescue update

Just a note to tell you what is going on here, 3 days ago our potbellied pig Lily (whom was rescued) had 6 little cute piglets all doing well so far.
We took some beet pulp and alfalfa cubes to Big John the Belgian Gelding with the bladder stone; my neighbor Cindy was kind enough to make him some FM 11 to put into his feed twice a day to see if it will help remove the stone.
Our blog is up now, please be sure to go check it out at;
I'm putting together a newsletter list, so be sure to email me at if you would like to be added.
My WONDERFUL sister is helping build our rescue site, so be patient.
We need help getting the funds together to help with April (belgian mare with cancer) as well as all our other critters for feed & hay so if you can give please do so using; and email address above. Or you can use US Postal mail to
Lucky Duck Horse & Farm Animal Rescue
c/o Kim Wright
4214 CR 3323
Greenville, TX 75402.
We have had alot of people offering to volunteer their services to help us but so far no one has shown up. I know this time of year everyone is busy but we would appreciate any help you can give; different ways you can help us.
1) SHARE this (you may have to copy and paste since there is no share link)
2) if you can send $ please do, it is needed more than you can know.
3) volunteer your time here, helpin to clean stalls, pens etc.. groom or just love on our critters.
4) We are in desperate need of shelters, if you or someone have some sitting around empty we can move out here please let us know. Of course please be in the East Texas area.
5) Feed or hay you can drop off here anytime. We also need horse blankets (quarter horse & draft horse)
6) if you can imagine what we need you probably got it right.

THANK YOU and please have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend.

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